Amsterdam Helicopter Experience

Amsterdam Helicopter Experience
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There is so much to see and so much to do in Amsterdam that only a view from the sky will give you a full picture. Lets face it, a helicopter flight is already a big experience. But a helicopter flight in Amsterdam is something more! View the whole canal structure in the city centre, Museumplein, Red Light District, the business district (Zuidas), the harbour and many other views that will amaze you. 

This 15 minutes Helicopter Experience departures from Amsterdam. In a few seconds you will start the tour and fly above Amsterdam central station and view the city centre on the one hand and when you face the north you will see the countryside on the other hand. 

This helicopter experience is perfect for the ones that want to make sure they have really seen Amsterdam! You can choose for the option to be be picked up from your accommodation and brought to the helicopter platform where your pilot will be waiting. In the 15 minutes flight you have the chance to take pictures and ask questions to the pilot.


Choose your time of departure in the order process. 45 minutes before departure you will be picked up by a private taxi from your accommodation in Amsterdam (or Amsterdam Central Station) when you choose for the transfer included. The duration of the taxi ride is approximately 20 minutes and the driver will take you back to your accommodation (or Central Station) at the end of the helicopter flight. The alternative is to go to the helicopter platform yourself. 

When you arrive at the helicopter platform the pilot will be waiting for you and will inform you about the flight and instructions. Then the flight starts and it is time to enjoy!

What is included:

 - transfer to the helicopter platform (2-way) - optional

 - helicopter flight (includes all costs like landing fees, 

What is not included:

 - drinks or lunch


How does it work?

You can choose if you want a private transfer included. In the order process you can choose the following options:

Including transfer from hotel: The transfer will pick you up 45 minutes before departure (9.15h in the morning or at 13.15h in the afternoon) from your accommodation. This can also be your apartment, hostel or any other kind of accommodation. After the order process you can fill in the address (and if possible the name) of the accommodation. You will be brought back to your accommodation after the Helicopter flight. 

Including transfer from Central Station: When you have an accommodation outside Amsterdam we will pick you up from central station (Prins Hendrikkade 26, in front of Lovers Boat Company) at 9.15h in the morning or 13.15h in the afternoon. After the Helicopter flight you will be brought back to Amsterdam Central Station. 

No transfer: The helicopter platform is located at the Hornweg 24. This is an industrial zone with no public transportation available. Therefore you can go by bike or by car. After your booking you will get directions how to go to the helicopter platform. We recommend to arrive at the helicopter platform 30 minutes before departure. 

It is possible that more people will book for the helicopter flight and that you have to wait for your turn at the Helicopter Platform. Each flight will take 15 minutes and all the flights are departing in the hour you arrive. There is room for 4 persons in the helicopter. When you book for less than 4 persons other persons will join you for the flight. When you book for 4 persons you will go together and when you book for more than 4 persons your group will be split in multiple helicopter flights. 


In case of bad weather or cancellation by the airport traffic control the helicopter flight will be cancelled and you will be informed and reimbursed 100%. We can not be held accountable for extra costs you made. 

It is not possible to cancel the tour from your side because of the reservations we need to make for the helicopter and the pilot. 

Make sure you are ready for the transfer. We recommend to wait in the lobby of your accommodation or at the spot at Central Station 10 minutes before departure at 9.15h or 13.15h when you have chosen the transfer option. The helicopter is scheduled for your visit and when you are too late there is no room for cancellation. The pilot faces a tight schedule which needs to fit with the other reservations of guests and the airport traffic control. 


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Adult - transfer from hotel
Child (4-12) - transfer from hotel
Adult - transfer from CS
Child (4-12) - transfer from CS
Adult - no transfer
Child (4-12) - no transfer
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